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EW Source Says Heroes Wrap Up is Not Coming

Hey All,
I am sure most of you already know and perhaps have even accepted that there will not be a Heroes Wrap Up movie/mini series. Over the last few weeks and months many of the main actors have signed deals for other TV Shows/Movies/Projects and so it should be no surprise to hear the that NBC will not be making a mini series.

As Tim Kring told me at a recent signing of his new book, we would really have to wait and see how their new shows perform. Don't forget last season when Trauma was canceled but brought back after the Jay Leno debacle.

However, EW says the have a "source" saying NBC does not want to make one.

Personally I think NBC should not be stringing fans along. Just come out and say it is over or say what Kring said.

Here is the statement from EW:

Don’t hold out for closure, Heroes fans: A key source on the canceled drama told EW that NBC is not moving forward with a movie that would wrap up the four-year series. After the Peacock announced the show’s cancellation last May, there was some talk about allowing creator Tim Kring to give fans one more chance to say goodbye to their favorite characters, but that’s as far as it went.

NBC would not comment Thursday.

Source: EW