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Tim Kring Updates Heroes and Thanks Fans at SDCC 2010

So while I was at San Diego Comic Con 2010 I had a chance meeting with Heroes creator Tim Kring.

This was the first time I met him and he was totally cool and humble about the show and experience of Comic Con. He was signing autographs for his new book Shift but was kind enough to do a small interview for our readers and all the Heroes fans.

Unfortunately there is no real update because at this point I think the only realistic chance for a Heroes wrap up will depend on how well/bad the NBC Fall lineup performs and Kring pretty much confirms that. At the same time he said they are doing whatever they can to try and keep the Heroes Universe alive.

Hope you all enjoy and thanks to Tim for the time.

NOTE: For those wondering why I did not ask other questions, I was lucky just to get this time, he was only planning to record a few seconds for the fans and he was very patient to answer the few I did ask him.